Job Duties

HVAC/R Systems Technicians are skilled professionals who are responsible for repairing and troubleshooting a wide range of problems with all types of residential or commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

They are highly in-demand for HVAC system cleaning, maintenance, repair, and installation throughout the year. At Abcott Institute, we offer an accredited HVAC/R Systems Technician training program designed to prepare students to perform various job duties efficiently, with hands-on training and expert guidance from industry-leading instructors.

The typical duties of HVAC/R systems technicians include:

  • Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) system installation
  • Identifying causes of HVAC system issues
  • Cleaning the HVAC/R systems and changing filters
  • Installing electrical components and wiring
  • Repairing the malfunctioning HVAC systems
  • Discussing and informing the clients about causes of malfunctions
  • Recommending maintenance tips to avoid further issues
  • Regular inspections, testing, and maintenance of HVAC systems
  • Preparing reports of work performed for documentation purposes
  • Repairing or replacing worn-out or faulty components
  • Detecting signs of potential issues and employing preventing measures
  • Optimizing the HVAC/R system performance
  • Recommendation for HVAC/R system replacement when needed
  • Ensuring HVAC system is maintained as per the relevant industry standards

The job responsibilities of HVAC/R Systems Technicians may often vary depending on their employment conditions. In addition, with enough experience, HVAC/R professionals may become specialists in particular roles such as professional HVAC installation specialist, HVAC operating system engineer, or refrigeration specialist. Candidates can also start their independent practice when they have accumulated experience of a few years.

Abcott Institute is the leading HVAC school providing certified training programs for students from Detroit, Michigan, and surrounding areas. We aspire to make students job-ready by the time the course nears its completion to help students establish a successful career in the HVAC industry. Therefore, we focus extensively on teaching through real-life experiences and offer externship opportunities so students can learn to utilize their technical skills and knowledge in real-life situations and broaden their understanding of HVAC concepts.

  • State-of-the-art facilities for hands-on training
  • Spacious classrooms equipped with modern amenities
  • Mechanical labs fully-equipped with professional gear
  • Get externship opportunities
  • Get excellent career counseling and job placement assistance.
  • We also offer financial aid programs.

If you want to earn industry-recognized HVAC certifications, get enrolled in our accredited HVAC/R Systems Technicians training program to prepare for the HVAC certification exam!

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